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China Storage Heavy Shelves Supplier From China

Jun 02, 2017

China Heavy storage shelves are low cost, safe and reliable, easy assembly. It is a kind of shelf form which is widely used in large, medium and small warehouses.

The heavy duty storage racks  is the most widely used in the fields of manufacturing, third party logistics and distribution center.

Structure: Heavy-duty shelves are made up of columns, beams, brackets, bracing and self-locking bolts. The structure is simple and stable. The safety pins provided at the connection between the column and the column ensure that the beam does not fall off under external impact. 

The preferred material for the beam is a high quality square steel with a specially designed cold-rolled P-type closed beam. The design of the column determines the randomness and flexibility of the stock.

Height determination: the composition of the goods by the packaging and its weight to set the tray, to determine the tray type, size, size, and a single load weight and heap high (usually a single cargo weight within 2000kg), and determine the unit shelf span, Depth, layer spacing, and finally the height of the shelf according to the effective height of the lower edge of the warehouse roof and the maximum fork height of the forklift.

Under normal circumstances, the span of heavy-duty shelves within 4m, the depth of 1.5m or less, low, high warehouse shelves height of 12m or less, ultra-high warehouse shelves height of 30m or less (such warehouses are mostly automated warehouse, the total system by a number of Section within 12m column composition).

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