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Classification Of Common Shelf

1, plate storage shelves. This kind of shelve is with layers, cargo access to artificial, suitable for lighter cargo. Load per layer ranges from 100kg to 1000kg per layer will do.
2, cross-beam storage racks. Compared to this kind of shelve of Board, less layers. Cargo access mainly dominated by forklift. Combined with steel pallet goods.
3, drive-in racking. FIFO principles that drive-in rack, and make effective use of space, is consistent with the tray to use.
4, mold shelves. Die shelf main purpose is to store mold. In response to demand matching crane hoist. General drawer shelf-oriented.
5, Garret. Loft is divided into attic racking and mezzanine platforms. Difference is in the attic shelves two layers have a shelf, below shelf support.
6, cantilever racks. Cantilever rack to hold the bar-shaped goods. Single arm or arms.