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Classification Of Storage Shelves And Characteristics Of Different Shelves

The main modern storage shelves are light shelves, medium-duty shelves, heavy-duty shelves and mezzanine combination shelves. The heavy-duty shelves including drive-in shelf,cross-beam shelves,etc..

The features of various shelves:

Light shelves :Light punching rack is a kind of shelf with strong versatility, it can be used in assembling light material rack, working platform, tool car, suspension system, safety protection net, etc. The length of the punched angle iron can be assembled, corrected and reinstalled by screws. In this way, it can meet the needs of careful planning and meet the needs of emergency use.

Medium-duty rack:The medium-sized shelf has the advantages of simple appearance, reasonable structure and convenient assembly and disassembly, strong and solid, good bearing capacity, layer height is adjustable at 50 mm. Medium-duty rack is widely used in shopping malls, supermarkets, enterprises, warehouses and institutions.

Heavy-duty rack:High quality cold rolled steel plate is formed by roll forming, the column can be as high as 10 meters without the middle seam. The beam is made of high quality steel, bearing capacity, deformation. The hanger between the crossbeam and the column is a cylindrical convex insert, and the connection is reliable, and the disassembly and assembly is easy, and use the locking nail to prevent the truck from pulling the beam when it is working. Heavy-duty shelf is suitable for large warehouse.

Drive-in rack: Drive-in shelf is mainly suitable for storing large quantities of similar pallet goods.The pallet is stored on the support rail in depth one by one, increasing the storage density, and improving the space utilization ratio. First in first out or last in first out. The stored procedure requires the use of an unbalanced forklift or stacker. The ground utilization rate is as high as 60%. Drive-in racks usually used for storage of expensive occasions, such as frozen warehouse etc..

Cross-beam rack:It is now the most popular and economical form of a shelf. It’s suitable for all kinds of warehouses.Direct access to goods, safe and convenient. Adopting convenient pallet access mode, effectively matching forklift loading and unloading, greatly improving operation efficiency. The cross-beam racks have one hundred percent goods picking capacity, so that the warehouse stock can flow smoothly. But there will be more roadways, so the utilization of the ground is relatively low .The cross-beam shelf is the simplest and the most widely used shelf.

Mezzanine combination rack: The full composite structure can be made of wood, checkered plates, steel plates, grid plates and other materials. The utility model can be flexibly designed into two layers and a plurality of layers, it’s suitable for storing small package parts for hardware tools, electronic equipment, machinery parts and other goods storage, storage of many varieties, small quantities of goods. In the limited space, a wide variety of goods, a small number of cases,it can increase the utilization rate several times on the existing site, and can be used in conjunction with the elevator operation.

The mold rack: Also known as drawer shelf, mainly store all kinds of mold objects. According to the loading capacity requirements, it is divided into light mold shelves and heavy-duty mold shelves. The top of the shelf can be equipped with mobile hoist to facilitate the lifting of the mold.