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Color Coated Board

Color coated board in the industry, also known as color plate, color plate. The color coated steel sheet is coated with a cold-rolled steel sheet and a galvanized steel sheet as a substrate, and subjected to surface pretreatment (degreasing, cleaning, chemical conversion treatment), coated with a continuous coating method (roll coating method), baked and cooled Into the product.

Coated steel plate with light, beautiful and good anti-corrosion properties, but also direct processing, it to the construction industry, shipbuilding, vehicle manufacturing, home appliances industry, the electrical industry to provide a new type of raw materials, played a steel Wood, efficient construction, energy conservation, pollution prevention and other good results.

At present, there are the following color coating board: cold-rolled substrate color coated steel plate, hot-dip galvanized color coated steel plate, hot-dip galvanized color coated plate, electro-galvanized color coated board.

Color coated board not only colorful coat, and very durable, the longest to ensure that 20 years does not fade, 30 years does not occur corrosion perforation and so on.