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Common Sense Of Warehouse Shelf Planning

Jul 06, 2017

The warehouse shelves must have certain skills, use and operation to facilitate the day after. Warehouse shelves should be designed to accommodate the variety, specifications, performance, weight and shape of the package. Warehouse shelves planning should pay attention to the following points:

1.         Warehouse shelves designed to facilitate the full use of warehouse volume and ease of mechanical operation.

2.         Warehouse shelves in the layout of the warehouse direction, we should make full use of natural lighting.

3.         The shelf structure of the warehouse should be firm, durable, secure and simple. Only sturdy shelves ensure the safety of the goods; only simple shelves are good for making, installing, and moving.

4.         Warehouse shelf specifications should be unified as much as possible, conducive to the exchange of internal use of the warehouse.

5.         The size of the warehouse shelf is closely related to the convenience of goods access. The warehouse shelves are too high, the top can not be fully utilized, the warehouse shelves are too deep, and the goods are not convenient to access. Only the reasonable specifications to facilitate days after operation.