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Daily Maintenance Of Storage Shelves

Daily maintenance of storage shelves is very important, not only to the normal use of the shelves, but also to ensure the safety of the use of shelves. What are the contents of shelf maintenance?

Cleaning: Cleaning up the dust of shelves is a must-do thing for maintenance of the shelves, because dust can easily pollute the product and can also adversely affect the use of the shelves.

Anti-collision: Timely detection of the impact of the product through the external force of the deformation of the product in time to replace the safety and stability of the shelf parts, in the first principle of safety, safety inspection process in a timely manner to find security risks, timely processing to ensure safe and efficient storage.

CorrectionWith a professional level of three-dimensional positioning tools, accurate records of the shelf state, and then effective correction, to ensure the carrying capacity and security of the shelf.

Strict implementation of the safe use of rules, not overweight and density storage, to ensure the security of the stored procedure.

Fasteners tightening determination, vertical column determination, damage to the determination of parts and other conventional content. If the column is broken need to make the overall determination. System maintenance based on measurement data.