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Important Factors Affecting The Price Of Storage Shelves.

Jun 28, 2017

1.       Types and specifications of storage shelves: Different kinds of warehouse shelves must be different in price, because different kinds of storage shelves are different in need of materials, process, installation, transportation and so on. The same type of storage shelves, different specifications, the price is not the same, carrying the greater the material used is also large, the higher the price

2.       Storage shelf design and product quality: Different storage shelves companies in the technical level and production process differences, the storage shelf prices must also be different. A serious, responsible, professional shelves companies will be combined with the actual needs of customers, the existing plant equipment supporting equipment, all-round consideration, for customers to design a scientific and reasonable storage shelves program. Warehouse shelves design and product quality is the decisive factor affecting prices.

3.       Warehouse Shelf Freight: Warehousing shelves transportation is generally the choice of logistics, the distance closer, the lower the freight.But you can not identify the purchase of storage shelves that you must choose from their nearest manufacturers. Because the freight is often only a small part of the total price of storage shelves, design and quality of storage shelves is the price of the determinants.

4.       Storage shelf delivery and completion period: If the storage shelves manufacturers normal delivery time and end time can not meet the needs of customers, the customer project is urgent, hope to complete the project in a shorter period of time, you need to re allocation of various resources to ensure the delivery date and completion date storage shelves manufacturers, prices will naturally rise.