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Factory Building Attic Customizes Storage Racking Service

Jun 06, 2018

Zhongshan factory building attic customizes the rapid increase of storage space 18923316395 multi-storey attic combination of Zhongshan factory building shelves customized Zhongshan workshop shelf custom heavy shelf is specially designed for various specifications, weight requirements, suitable for the use of various types of mechanical equipment. We can arrange the storage system for all kinds of non-standard pallets, and can provide a large number of accessories, such as the use of wire mesh to make the storage safer. Fluent inventory turnover; providing fast turnaround selection; providing fast rate of delivery; providing high quality product protection; ground use rate 31% (on top of the speed design) and United States to help 8013 enterprise warehouses to carry out storage scheme design to achieve warehouse classification management and upper space utilization, of which 7854 factories are engaged in annual industry. The performance is increasing at a rate of 50%.

Lianhe with a professional design team, sixteen years of shelf design experience design experts lead six or seven years of experience designer team to design a safe, scientific, convenient and economical attic shelf based on the characteristics of the customer's products and the characteristics of the factory site, so that the storage area of the warehouse can be doubled in a flash, for your factory. Infinite possibilities!

The attic of Zhongshan factory makes the 100 square warehouse instantly become 300 square storage capacity.

Zhongshan factory attic custom customer visits to see the factory is neat and tidy.

Lianhe focuses on storage space design for 16 years -- expert on storage space design

Lianhe and other countries carry out the culture of gratitude: they have always been strict with quality and do safe shelving for customers.

Has been doing a good job in ten years of free security inspection services, never interrupted.

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