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Can Achieve First-in First-out And Low-cost –Carton Flow Rack

Carton flow rack is a kind of storage shelves, it can not use the case of external resources to achieve storage of goods first-in first-out, and the cost is relatively low. Carton flow shelves are developed by cross-beam shelves. Install fluent bars at a certain grade on cross-beam rack, the goods can then be rolled using fluent strips from high side to down side to achieve FIFO.

However, due to the limited capacity of the fluent bar, therefore, fluent shelves are generally not heavy load, belong to a middle volume type shelf.As the goods are generally put into the turnover box or parts box, cartons and then stored on the shelf. Therefore, fluency in shelf specifications, size, according to the turnover box or parts box and other storage equipment for size customization.

Carton flow racking can be made of multilayer, height is generally less than 2.5 meters, it can be carried by manual or trolley, suitable for the assembly line on both sides of the process conversion, distribution center picking operations and other places and equipped with electronic tags to achieve the information management of goods.Since the carton flow roller rack is using its own gravity to glide down, and the cost of the fluent bar is not very expensive, the flow shelf is a kind of low cost, fast storage and large storage density shelf.