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First Trainning Of 10 Goals For Storage Racks In 2018

Jan 25, 2018

2018.1.24 Participated in the top 10 goals of company training all day.

First trainning of 10 goals for storage racks in 2018

This is the first time Lianhe Zhongbang Hold such a major event. Mainly through this activity to enhance everyone's knowledge of the shelf and the development of the individual's top ten goals, how to improve self-capacity through the top ten goals, including the development of shelf professional learning plan, set performance targets, to develop other life The goals.

By cultivating various skills to enhance self-cultivation and so on.

My top ten goals

Find a boyfriend

2. Save enough 5 thousand insurance premiums

Go to a trip

4. 5 times a year to see their parents back home

5. Learn shelf storage warehouse solutions

6. Improve driving skills dare to drive alone

7. Keep running habits exercise a marathon run

8. Improve English speaking

9. Achieve annual performance target 2.4 million

10. Make friends to expand the circle of friends

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