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Flat Warehouse Pallet Racking System Free Design

Feb 26, 2018

Flat warehouse (hereinafter referred to as flat warehouse) refers to the layout of the plane, naturally stacked, no high-level shelves of ordinary warehouses, including bungalows warehouses, warehouse buildings and open-air freight yard, is a more traditional warehouse.

Ping library is "artificial - forklift - shelf" mode of operation, relative to the three-dimensional warehouse, access to goods, high efficiency, lower input auxiliary equipment costs. In recent years, with the development of China's logistics industry and the introduction of advanced logistics technology, although the three-dimensional warehouse has been widely accepted and valued by Chinese enterprises and popularized constantly, due to the generally low level of logistics in China, the general implementation of extensive business Type management, the benefits of a three-dimensional library can not make up for the huge capital cost of its design and construction; In addition, the characteristics of the library is still in line with the actual needs of some areas. Therefore, the Ping Library is still a very common use of Chinese enterprises warehouse.

In view of this, how to improve the efficiency of warehouse storage and improve the working efficiency of warehouse operators will become one of the most important problems that enterprise managers face. The face of a large number of out of the warehouse process and information as well as the complex warehouse complex goods and cargo yard, the traditional manual management and general information management system can not quickly and intuitively extract valid information, as a reservoir to improve the efficiency of library operations and storage bottlenecks . The combination of warehouse management system (WMS), visualization technology and barcode recognition technology, with simple graphics and color representation of stock status and information, helps to improve the storage and operation efficiency of the flat warehouse so as to achieve a modern and efficient logistics System requirements.

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The basic process of a flat warehouse management system (WMS) is as follows;

The warehouse management system (WMS) is a management system that integrates functions such as material storage, order picking and stocking, material sampling, inventory management and system basic information management to effectively control and track the whole process and cost management of warehouse operations Process, to achieve a sound corporate warehouse information management. The system can perform inventory operations independently and in combination with documents and vouchers from other systems to provide more complete and comprehensive enterprise business process and financial management information. With the customer's existing manufacturing system, through the interface with the existing manufacturing system interaction, enhance the level of information throughout the enterprise.