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How To Choose Attic Shelves

Feb 22, 2019

Attic shelves are a type of shelf with relatively high space utilization and are favored by factory purchasers. However, in the face of the numerous attic shelf manufacturers in the market, there are many problems for buyers to purchase. Xiaobian gives some suggestions on how to buy attic shelves.


First, the choice of shelf raw materials

The material of the shelf is generally selected from cold-rolled steel profiles. It is best to use the national standard. It is advisable to do an experiment according to the contract weight. The material of the shelf should be ss400 steel as the best.


Second, the shelf processing technology

The surface of the shelf should be even and strong enough to be durable. Whether the surface of the shelf is evenly sprayed depends on whether there is any omission in the inner edge of the column hole. It can be tapped with a hard object during inspection. If it is easy to fall off, it indicates that the shelf is easy to rust. At the same time, if the processing technology is qualified, it is necessary to look at the uniform and fullness of the solder joints, and there is no indirect leak-free soldering.


Third, the shelf structure stability

The pillars of the shelf should be seen whether the bending of the section is more and more uniform, the more uniform, the better the structure; the beam of the shelf depends on the hook of the beam and the beam is hung in the form of the column, the beam hook is more good, the more stress Make an appointment, and also look at the beam hook, the inside should be tightly spaced from the side of the column, so that the structure can be stable and durable.