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How To Choose The Color Of Storage Shelf?

Jun 15, 2017

At present,the color of most storage shelves are blue and gray white in the market.It makes a illusion that it’s only two colors can be choosen for the shelves.Not really.Acutally,all of the shelves of LHZB are customized,it’s not only the specification and the size,but also the color can be selected by customer freely.Customer can select the color of the customized shelves up to their demand or hobby.

Since the color of customized shelf are free to choose,how to choose a color can be more reasonable and suitable to use?Generally,if accessing goods by hand in your warehouse,the customized rack can be a same color,which can make it looks more neat and pleasing to the eye.Just select a color for your like is OK.But if it is to use forklift to access goods in your warehouse ,it’s better to use different colors in different parts of the customized shelving.It’s better to use some brighter colors and in sharp contrast which can be benefit to clearly distinguish the column and the crossbeam for the worker when accessing goods.Also it can reduce the chance of hitting the shelf and improve the safety of the pickup.