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How To Ensure The Safe Use Of Steel Platform?

Jul 18, 2017

1.Steel platform should be set limit carrier, especially with hydraulic lifting platform steel platform, but also in the prominent position marked limit;


2.The steel platform of the rest point and the upper pull node must be located in the building, and shall not be set in the scaffolding and other construction facilities, the support system shall not be connected with the scaffolding.


3.Steel platform shelves of concrete beams should be embedded, and with the platform bolts.


4.Wire rope and platform horizontal angle should be 45 degrees to 60 degrees.


5.The upper part of the steel platform pull the beam should check the tensile strength, to ensure the safety of buildings and platforms.


6.Steel platform should be used when the ring, not hook hook directly linked to the platform ring.


7.Steel platform installation, the rope should be used to hang a special hook, to take other ways when the card can not be less than 3, the building angle of the mouth of the wire rope should be lining the cushion, steel platform outside the mouth should be slightly higher On the inside.


8.Steel platform around the need to install the fence, and the need to install the fence when necessary to prevent people or the goods fall.