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How To Provide A Good Warehouse Logistics Overall Program?

Jul 22, 2017

First, all the programs are designed to solve the problems that arise at the present stage, or to achieve the goals set by the enterprise. Therefore, at the beginning of the production program, the purpose of the program and the objectives to be achieved must be clarified. As a warehouse, its goal is nothing more than to increase the amount of space within the storage, improve space utilization or speed up the turnover rate, shorten the inventory cycle.

Second, good programs are based on data analysis, and the best way to obtain data is to discuss with the relevant operators, in the process of analysis, to ask such a few questions 1To meet this How much space does the reserve require? 2What kind of storage and distribution should be used? 3What equipment should be used to meet the existing equipment? 4How should space be allocated?

Third, understand the inherent business practices or features.

Fourth, how to achieve the balance between reserves and efficiency in the design process. Reserves and efficiency are two basic indicators of the merits and demerits of storage schemes. Reserves represent space utilization, and efficiency is largely dependent on the rationality of spatial layout. In short, warehouse operations are a combination of operations, consider a part of the efficiency alone can not meet the requirements of the overall operation, so the need for a comprehensive, integrated planning.

Fifth, the amount of investment and investment efficiency is also an important factor affecting the logistics of enterprises, after the initial completion of the program, the need for its benefit analysis. For storage-based warehouses, the benefits are mainly reflected in the cost of unit storage.

Sixth, all the work done before, can be said to be based on a summary of theory and experience, should be implemented before the implementation of live operations should also be simulated to verify its feasibility.