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Intelligent Automated Warehouse Logistics Management System

Jul 12, 2017

Warehousing operations in the enterprise's entire supply chain plays a vital role, if you can not guarantee the correct purchase and inventory control, will lead to increased management costs, quality of service is difficult to be guaranteed, thus affecting the competitiveness of enterprises. Traditional simple, static warehouse management has been unable to ensure the efficient use of enterprise resources. Today's warehouse operations and inventory control operations have been very complex and diverse, relying on manual memory and manual entry, not only time-consuming and laborious, and prone to mistakes, to bring huge losses to the enterprise.

The iWMS system is a system that optimizes the inventory and improves the productivity of the logistics as the center of the logistics base as a supply chain. For extremely sophisticated inventory management and quick decision making. Operations, space optimization plans, cost reductions and cash flow to speed up operations. And other production systems or sales systems, ERP systems and other enterprise management system to cooperate, VMI and more library, circulation processing, multi-warehouse, multi-owner unified management, support diversified logistics center of all business, before the supply can not see Chain inventory status, logistics center work progress, and now you can quickly understand.

The iWMS system introduces the bar code recognition technology in the modern warehouse management, carries on the automatic data acquisition to the warehousing arrival inspection, the storage, the dispatch, the transfer, the shift shift, the inventory inventory and so on the operation data, guarantees the warehouse management each Operational data input efficiency and accuracy, to ensure that enterprises timely and accurate grasp of the real inventory data, reasonable to maintain and control business inventories. Through the scientific code, but also easy to carry out the batch of goods, shelf life and other management.