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Introduction To Racking

Pallet rack, also commonly known as racking, or shelf, rack, belong to the pallet racking class, in a variety of domestic storage shelf system is the most common form a shelf. As post + beam structure, the structure is simple and effective. According to the characteristics of the storage unit load devices installed, such as: insulation, steel laminate (wooden laminates), metal mesh layer, storage cage rail, oil drums and other functional accessories. Meet the different forms of unit load device storage. Variety of items that can be stored, with the tray and all kinds of accessories, can solve the majority of access issues for the item.
Heavy-duty shelves, production:
Heavy shelf (tray shelf) used quality cold rolled plate by roll pressure forming, column can up to 6 meters and middle no seams, beam selection quality party steel, bearing force big, easily deformation, beam and column Zhijian hanging pieces for cylindrical raised insert, connection? reliable, and disassembly easy, and using lock nail, case forklift work Shi will beam provoked; all shelf of surface are by pickling, and p of electrostatic spray, process processing, anti-corrosion rust, shape beautiful. Applicable to large warehouses.