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Lighting Storage Racks For Goods Stocking

Lighting storage racks

The light storage racks can be used in Led rainbow light and led string,decoration lighting and Led powder lighting,design,product and selling.The storage racks for lights with big storage,the warehouse can divided into row  and goods zone.

The design from Lianhezhongbang storage equipment,they can help you design plate storage racks for Raw materials and goods stocking.

Longspan pallet rack can meet the requirements of manual picking.Each load-bearing in the 200KG, shelf shelves are scientific computing shelves of the display location. The shelves to do the full warehouse, in the full use of warehouse space, to ensure that the overall beauty of the warehouse. The number of goods placed on the number and how much more clear and clear. In the shelf shelves to increase the material box to ensure the storage of small materials

Lighting factory racks of the material warehouse to separate the small parts, there will be no material mixing things happen to avoid the production process errors, more accurate hit every material.

Lighting factory shelf height can rack the height of full warehouse, not only the traditional storage of the plane to use, more now the use of space, the use of medium shelves to store the level of storage. Compare with original storage, the warehouse increased the storage capacity and improve the spatial use of the warehouse.

Lighting factory structure of the shelf is made of  column, the main frame, deputy frame composition. When the factory or warehouse relocation, these parts can be more convenient disassembly, reducing the cost of re-purchase shelves.