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Management Is The Infrastructure Of Logistics Management

Feb 07, 2018

Management is the infrastructure of logistics management. The shelf equipment is the basic equipment for storing and storing goods. In order to adapt to different types and types of goods, the type of shelves is not the same, storage planning is particularly important. 

Shelf shelves: It is often manually obtained goods, assembled structure, uniform spacing adjustment, the goods are often not heavy spare parts or packaging items (for manual access), the shelf height is usually 2.5 meters below, or artificial hard to reach (For example, a car that can be set at around 3m can be combined). Unit shelf span (ie length) should not be too long, the unit shelf depth (ie width) should not be too deep, according to the shelf life of each floor load units can be divided into light, medium, medium and heavy shelf shelves, mainly for steel Laminate, wood laminates two.

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