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Medical Warehouse Shelf Solution

Apr 24, 2018

Although the use of medical shelves is now common, what kind of shelves does the medicine fit for

Storage racks are used more and more widely in the pharmaceutical industry. What shelves need to be used by pharmaceutical companies must be customized according to the current situation of the site and the needs of customers. However, few people understand the deeper level of basic knowledge of pharmaceutical shelves. Pharmaceutical shelf factory for your details

Drugs in the drug library are not very heavy, but they are quite strict in storage management. Must be in accordance with the principles of safety, convenience, economy, and efficiency, properly choose positions, and use warehouse space reasonably. The “five distances” are appropriate and stacking code is standardized and reasonable. Medical warehousing is commonly used beam shelf

Medical beam beam racking features:

1. Beam-type shelves are simple, safe and reliable, and can be adjusted and combined in any way.

2. The column plates of the beam-type shelf are formed by bolts connected by columns, cross braces, and diagonal braces. The column piece and the C-type soldering beam are connected to form a shelf frame, which is fixed by a safety pin, and the structure is simple and reliable. Each floor can be freely adjusted up and down at 50mm steps.

3, beam-type shelves can be determined according to the size of the column and beam specifications, with the characteristics of large moment of inertia, strong load capacity, and strong impact resistance.

4. Beam-type shelves can effectively increase the storage height of warehouses and increase the space utilization rate of warehouses. Suitable for all types of goods storage.

5, beam-type shelves more secure appearance, to prevent forklift collision can also increase the column foot protection, anti-collision bar.

6, beam-type racks cost low, installation and operation are very convenient, easy to find the location, apply to any transport tools, and thus is the most widely used a shelf.

The characteristics of the shelves of the above pharmaceutical factories are all based on medical shelves and are suitable for the use of shelves in the pharmaceutical industry. Here, we must also remind everyone that the shelf life of pharmaceutical shelves must be stored in different categories, different dosage forms and natural attributes, and stored in batches. According to the temperature and humidity requirements stored in the appropriate warehouse.

Once again, from the composition of the medical shelves, the current medical shelves are generally detachable and can be freely combined. These are necessary for the composition of medical shelves, and some are linked to the use of medical shelves. Glass laminates and the like.

In the end, Zhongshan Pharmaceutical Shelf Factory should start with the surface treatment of pharmaceutical shelves. The general medical shelves are all made of high-quality cold-rolled steel, welded, polished, pickled, washed, phosphatized, electrostatically sprayed, and high-temperature-cured. Shows what we often see on the bright and smooth surface of the price.


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