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Meeting Of How To Make Your Dream Come True Lianhezhongbang Company

Jan 26, 2018

The door to life's goal in 2018 is now open-lianhezhongbang storage warehouse solution

General Guide: Lai Changnan lion

Instructor: Yang Xuefeng / Wen Jie Dong lion

Only consciously aware of the short-lived and limited life, talent will have a sense of urgency and planning without waiting for their own life will be responsible for their own life as a designer and destiny of the master, to establish their own life Ideals and goals of struggle to find the most suitable position for their own potential to maximize the release of life so that one of their lives the greatest value and significance.


       The goal produces a positive attitude

       Goals enable you to see the mission, generating momentum

       The goal makes you feel the meaning of existence

       Goals enable you to shift the focus from process to result

       Goals help you to prioritize

       Goal to focus on you

       Goals can increase your passion and help you evaluate

       The goal gives confidence, courage and courage

       Goal makes people self-improvement, never hear

       Goals make you a successful person

If life does not have a goal, it will only affect the environment rather than affect it.


Rare to Xin Heng Tai site,

Feel the snow lion company culture, feel the working atmosphere

Zhongshan Xin Hengtai Credit Guarantee Co., Ltd. is a large-scale comprehensive financial supermarket with the core of SAIC, Guangdong Provincial CBRC, investment guarantee, private lending, capital lending, capital operation and customer wealth management. In order to promote the development of enterprises in the Pearl River Delta, To promote the prosperity of the Pearl River Delta capital markets and struggle, the company is committed to a diversified investment business, adhere to the "safe operation, capital appreciation," business philosophy, will bring about tremendous development of the PRD enterprises!


2018 Xin Hengtai full ten goals

The goal is the subjective idea of the expected result of the activity, a subjective ideology formed in the mind, and also the intended purpose of the activity, indicating the direction of the activity. It has the core function of maintaining the relationship among all aspects of the organization and forming the direction of the system organization.


Successful completion of 10 major target car to mention the case

1 pm Meeting start:

Xuefeng Lion Company Xin Hengtai 70/80/90 age group partners to share their experiences and achievements.

After 70 Li Yanxia to share her personal 10 goals, Xin Hengtai three years, now serves as president, in the usual work for the company dedication, made a lot of achievements in three years, 15 years successfully commissioned BMW, 16 Successfully joined Lions in 2003, serving the public, now under the name of three properties, and its ongoing efforts to further the goal.

After Yang Xuefeng 80, Suihua Heilongjiang Province, Communist Party members, undergraduate degree. Zhongshan City in 2010 won the title of outstanding party members, in April 2011 won the title of outstanding young entrepreneurs in Zhongshan City, Zhongshan City in June 2011 won the first prize of Young Venture Award and other awards. November 2013 Established Guangdong Xin Hengtai Credit Guarantee Co., Ltd., a large-scale integrated financial supermarket focusing on investment guarantee, private lending, capital lending, capital operation and customer wealth management.

After 90 Wang Lidan to share her personal 10 goals, 96 years the little girl into Xin Hengtai 10 months, from the account manager to the team manager, from nothing at this year in September of this year to mention Audi (did not get a driver's license) and success does not happen overnight Easy things, she is through a little bit of accumulation of effort came.

After Xin Hengtai's sharing of different age groups, how to formulate and how to work hard to accomplish the 10 major goals and shaken us deeply for a long time can not be calm and inspire and release everyone's passion and potential.

"My life, I call the shots," "I grasp my fate," "I designed my life," people must have such a sense and integrity. A person who is responsible for himself will seriously consider how he should live in his life and how it can make sense to live without worthlessness.

1, first of all have a dream and to promote dreams;

2, to develop a detailed plan of action to action;

3, how to remove obstacles in the process of action (self-adjustment of state, the power of example, the support of belief, personal potential development, etc.)

4, external force + internal force == to achieve the goal.

Tutors carefully guide

How to customize the target clear time 10-15 minutes each person to develop a good target to share personal goals and target decomposition (a total of 27 people) is scheduled to end 30:30, because the company is the first time so formal creation of the environment so as to set a goal, we all one by one Is full of passion and high morale to express a lot more about their 2018 goals and plans, and finally close to 4:00 before the end.

Partly share staff

Everyone is emotionally charged, scrambling

You still have a lot of unfinished dreams,

Do you have any reason to stop?