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Method For Installing Medium-duty Rack

Medium-duty rack installation

1. Column installation

Structure: upright column, transverse branch, inclined branch, foot


(1) Anchor the foot to the bottom of the column and screw it up;

(2) The distance between the transverse branch and the base is 300mm, and the transverse branch and the column are fixed with screws and iron holes, and the distance between the two transverse branches is 1200mm;

(3) Overlap the oblique and transverse branches and fix them on the column with screws.

2. Beam installation


(1) Pull the hooks at both ends of the beam into the column and force it;

(2) The safety bolt is inserted into the crossbeam hook to prevent it from falling off, and the height between each layer can be adjusted according to the actual need.


3. Plate installation


 (1) each of the beams is placed with 3 plate buckle, placed on both sides and in the center;

(2) 2 boards are placed on each floor, and the plate edge angle coincides with the plate buckle. The four connecting rod can then be connected to two or more shelves.