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Morning Meeting For Storage Racking Solution Discuss

Jan 22, 2018

Not enough warehouse, messy goods can not let go? Combination of loft shelf a good choice.

Land has become a scarce resource in China. The more developed the economy is, the more economically developed the land is. The more expensive the land is, the more the enterprise just thinks Reduce storage costs, but in virtually increase a lot of losses, the traditional warehouse inside the goods are piled on the warehouse area, the goods backlog bring the loss of goods, there is no moisture protection measures, product distribution messy, the warehouse manager's efficiency is very low And so are virtually increase their own costs in the modern economy is more developed period, many companies have chosen to warehouse planning more perfect, so that shelves to solve these problems, the shelf has become an important tool for the modernization of warehouses and improve efficiency, The demand in the market is also getting higher and higher.

Many people do not understand, I was investing in the burn, where to reduce costs, Xiao Bian in this science about the characteristics of shelves, there are many types of shelves, will be based on customer needs and warehouse characteristics to maximize the design of shelves Program to improve storage space, so that goods are not because there are secondary losses caused by piling up, good moisture-proof measures, product classification clear, neat and tidy, not because of the goods can not be found to reduce work efficiency, warehouse structured and perfect, Need to reduce the manpower naturally, the benefits of these invisible can not be ignored, and the cost savings far greater than the cost of your investment, which is the so-called homes have!

Attic-style shelf features: 

1, attic shelf shelf height can be increased, make full use of storage height, better use of storage space. 

2, Attic floor shelf laying floor dedicated floor, compared with the pattern plate or just grille layered ability, integrity, layer load uniform, smooth surface, easy to lock and so on. 

3, attic shelves full consideration of humane logistics, beautiful design, generous structure. Easy installation, disassembly, flexible design according to the field. 

4, attic shelf suitable for storing many types of items. Attic shelf Applications: For hardware tools. Electronic equipment, machinery spare parts and other items of small packages of spare parts storage, storage of more varieties, less bulk goods make full use of space. It is suitable for a limited variety of venues, a small number of cases, it can increase the existing site several times the utilization rate, can be used in conjunction with the lift operation. All-composite structure, dedicated light steel floor, low cost, fast construction, warehouse design.