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Multi-functional Warehouse Attic Variety Racks

May 17, 2018

Zhongshan racks loft factory custom multi-functional warehouse attic variety racks Zhongshan rack loft factory 18923316395

 Global 60 million users choose the rack loft exported to Europe and the United States, the Middle East, South America and other countries, more than 17 years experience in export shelves. Help customers to maximize the use of storage space, reasonable planning to save more money, make a good use of the warehouse rack suitable for customers loft.

Zhongshan loft shelf platform custom loft-style shelves: full modular structure, can use wood, diamond plate, steel, and other materials to do the floor, can be flexibly designed into two layers and layers, suitable for hardware tools.

Electronic equipment, mechanical parts and other items of small parts of the package storage, storage of more varieties, less bulk cargo full use of space. Applicable to a limited variety of venues and a small number of situations, it can increase the utilization of several times in the existing venues, and can be used in conjunction with the use of lifts.

Zhongshan Attic shelf full modular structure, special light steel floor, low cost, quick construction. According to the actual site and needs, it can be flexibly designed into two layers and multiple layers to make full use of space.