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New Design Of Storage Shelf Space Management Design

Feb 12, 2018

1. Improved land use


To warehouse storage warehouse in Dongguan, for example, the area has not changed, the construction area increased, increasing the volume rate. Compared with the construction of steel warehouse, investment in building storage shelves in Dongguan have less investment, construction period is short, quick, adjustable, removable features. Therefore, from the volume rate and input-output and other factors, the implementation of Dongguan storage shelves project effectively improve the land utilization.


2. Improved asset utilization and yield


The use of Dongguan storage shelves can improve the utilization of the Treasury, under normal circumstances equivalent to 1.5-2.5 times the storage capacity of Pingku, storage revenue increased with the proportion.


For example, warehousing warehouse storage shelves in Dongguan: home appliances to measure the object, effective inventory before transformation of 4540 square meters, warehouse utilization 75%. After the renovation, the effective stock area was 7,610 square meters, which increased the stock area by 3070 square meters, an increase of 77.1% over the reservoir.


For example, beam warehouse storage shelves in Dongguan: the tray material - barreled bulk drugs as the calculation object. The original place of 7.5 barrels / square meter, Dongguan storage shelves can be placed 13.4 barrels / square meter, storage capacity increased by 78.7%.


Such as driving into the warehouse storage shelves in Dongguan: before the transformation can be placed about 11,000 pieces of tobacco, converted 6500 cubic meters, after the transformation can place 18,000 pieces of tobacco, small pieces of accessories 512 trays, 1,000 large accessories, converted 12500 cubic meters, library Capacity increased by 92.3%.


3. Improve the quality of logistics services


(1) improve the efficiency of goods out of the library. Dongguan storage shelf products are generally placed on the tray, the product into and out of the library first on the tray and then placed on the storage rack in Dongguan forklift, forklift speed, loading capacity, loading and unloading efficiency, the average loading and unloading time reduced by 26%.


(2) is conducive to the storage of Dongguan storage shelves to reduce the damage to the goods. On the one hand, due to the size of the pallet and the size of the cargo space, the cargo yard must be neatly stacked. On the other hand, in the beam Dongguan storage shelves and drive-in Dongguan storage shelves, the goods from the yard to the storage tray on the shelf until the delivery of goods in Dongguan, the goods are on the tray, does not produce multiple code action. Warehouse storage warehouse in Dongguan warehouse, the vertical handling of goods by the manual and mechanical cooperation to complete, reducing artificial lift due to fatigue caused by a corresponding decrease in the rate of package damage.


(3) The labor intensity of the loading and unloading workers is reduced, the enthusiasm of the labor force is increased, and the enthusiasm of learning the techniques is correspondingly increased, which plays a good role in stabilizing the handling team.


(4) to facilitate computer management. Dongguan storage shelves each cargo location is fixed only, the cargo number is fixed in Dongguan storage shelves column is not easy to damage. Input each cargo number into the computer and input the goods into each cargo number. When the goods are to be shipped, the computer can print the goods stored in a cargo number so as to be convenient for cargo handling and loading and unloading, and can provide customers with the goods The flow of information on their goods, to better serve our customers. However, due to the difficulty of fixing a location number in a certain location, the general computer can only print the area but can not accurately identify each location number.


4. Enhance corporate image, expand brand awareness


zhongshan storage shelves system put into operation to further enhance the brand in the store. For customers, seeing the logistics facilities, equipment, technologies and efficient services different from other logistics enterprises enhance the confidence of cooperation and provide a reliable guarantee for the introduction of large customers, big business and high-end products customers.