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New Discover Of Storage Shelves Suitable For What Kind Of Industries

Feb 15, 2018

Storage shelves in what industries


warehouse Storage shelves have the advantages of a fixed storage capacity, neat storage, clear storage, easy inventory counting and the like, meanwhile, the storage cage also improves the effective utilization of the storage space. At present, the storage cage has the same application range as other storage shelves, ; And this article.


1, cars, motorcycles, bicycles and other transport vehicles and spare parts industry;


2, stamping, die-casting, metal, mold and other industries warehouse storage shelf;


3, machinery manufacturing, metal products, toys, lighting, plastic hardware and other industries;


4, computer, electronics, household appliances, electrical cable equipment and other industries;


5, wood, wood, steel furniture and handicrafts industry;


6, metal tools, sanitary ware, construction hardware and accessories industry;


7, heat treatment, electroplating, paint and spraying process industries;


8, Shoes, plastic, printing and other craft industries;


9, shopping malls supermarkets, highways, railway stations and docks, postal tobacco and other business warehousing logistics system;


10, pay attention to the modernization of warehouse logistics, standardized management of other enterprises

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