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New Idea Of How To Order Cold Warehouse Shelves From China

Jan 18, 2018

When we purchase products of cold warehouse shelves or mezzanien floors, there will always be a loss. For the outsiders do not understand the product can not grasp the key, so Xiaobian to give you a list of easy-to-remember terminology, so you are not flicker, the only way it is even more Easy to buy the right product, desirable product. Like shelves, buying baskets to understand some of the basic industry terms, can make the consultation more smoothly. Below, United and Zhongbang come to summarize some of the basic terms of the shelf industry.


1, load-bearing capacity: the load-bearing capacity of cold warehouse shelves, you should first reflect the weight per square or each floor, rather than the total load-bearing shelves. This must be clear. The load-bearing shelves manufacturers are also considered an important factor. Because it is the most prerequisite for designing shelf specifications. Without it, everything behind is impossible to talk about. So please buyers of shelves must first figure out this problem, not the greater the weight of the better, according to your actual requirements to customize the reasonable shelf load.

2, the shelf length: shelf length refers to the length of the shelf beams, this is mainly based on the size of the goods to be stored to determine, there are internal and external dimensions of the size, the size is usually available inside the shelf part, the external size is Coupled with the width of the columns on both sides.

3, the shelf height and layers: often hear people say how tall a shelf, in fact, shelf height refers to the height of the shelf column. The main decision by the height of the plant, the weight of the goods, access to the shelf is convenient. The number of shelves is mainly determined by the total height of the shelves and the total height of the goods.

4, the main shelves and sub-frame shelves: According to whether the shelf can be placed independently, can be divided into the main frame and sub-frame, as the name implies, the main frame is a shelf can be placed separately, while the sub-frame is the need to rely on the main frame can be placed In other words, the secondary frame can not be placed separately. Since the subframe has one less frame than the main frame, the cost of the subframe will be lower in terms of cost. In the quotation, sometimes based on the main frame and sub-frame to be quoted separately.

5, the type of shelf: The shelf type is based on columns, beams and other accessories into a combination of different types of shelf structure, according to different needs, design different sizes, different layout options.

The above is the summary of the United and all zhongbang several customer consulting process commonly used in several industry terms