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New Slab Rack For Storage Slabs And Granits

Aug 22, 2018

Guangzhou shelf customization (warehouse cargo management) (warehouse planning) Guangzhou shelf customization (Lianhe Zhongbang combination warehouse shelf customization 13424571482) Guangzhou attic shelf design and construction, can build 2~3 story attic in the existing work site or shelf, Increase the storage space.

According to the overall planning of the warehouse size, customer needs, cost, and individual requirements, let customers know their needs and choose different solutions. You can also go to the door to measure, out of the plane design and renderings, we can make the corresponding quotation and duration according to the drawings. Let you have your own unique warehouse; make your warehouse bigger and brighter, with more storage.

1, the combination loft can increase the shelf height, make full use of the storage height, and make better use of the storage space.

2, the combination of the attic floor to lay the shelf-specific floor slab, compared with the pattern steel plate or the grille, the layer load capacity is strong, the integrity is good, the layer load is uniform, the surface is flat, easy to lock and so on.

3, the second floor attic shelf fully considers humanized logistics, beautiful design and generous structure. Easy to install and disassemble, it can be flexibly designed according to the field.

4, the second floor attic shelf is suitable for storing a variety of types of items.