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New Style Warehouse Management System And Process

Feb 07, 2018

Warehouse Management System and Process I. Objectives To guide and standardize the daily work activities of warehouse personnel by formulating the management system and operational procedures for warehouses, and to inspire the effective improvement of work efficiency. Responsibilities The warehouse supervisor is responsible for the arrangement and management of all the affairs in the warehouse, coordinating interdepartmental affairs and communicating and executing the tasks assigned by superiors. Warehouse Clerk responsible for the receipt of goods, storage, delivery, return, storage, protection work. Warehouse Clerk responsible for tracking documents, custody, accounting.  The warehouse supervisor and buyer are jointly responsible for the acceptance of the warehousing products and the determination of disposal methods of the damaged products and the disposal of the waste under the financial coordination.

The release of this report analyzes the impact of retailer, supplier satisfaction in supermarkets / supermarket channels and e-commerce channels, business concerns, zero-for-brand performance and sales impact of business relationships.

The report shows that hypermarkets / supermarket channels zero mutual satisfaction ratings are not equal, but tend to be the same. From 2014 to 2017, retailers' satisfaction with suppliers has always been higher than that of suppliers to retailers, but with the continuous improvement of physical retailers business processes, especially the rapid rise of regional entity retailers, supply Business satisfaction increased for three consecutive years and the gap between each other's satisfaction decreased from 12 in 2014 to 4 in 2017.

Hypermarkets / supermarket channels zero supply satisfaction is higher than the global average, but lower than the electricity supplier channels. Chinese suppliers' satisfaction with retailers has risen rapidly in recent years from 12 points in 2014 to 23 points in 2017, which is 14 points higher than the global FY 2017 but below 33 points for the e-commerce channel. China Retail Vendor satisfaction declined in 2017, down from 31 points for the second consecutive year to 27 points, but still higher than the global rating of 25 points. However, the ratings of suppliers' satisfaction with e-commerce channels rose sharply to 54 points, the difference is obvious. Chinese retailers' satisfaction with suppliers is not unrelated to the fact that suppliers will devote more resources to online channels.

The report shows that hypermarkets / supermarket channel retailers are most concerned with "profit margins" and significantly raise awareness of "category cooperation" and "adequate resources"; while suppliers are most concerned about business practices as "efficient payment processes" , "Win-win cooperation", "implementation of the agreed plan" and "outstanding companies worthy of cooperation" have raised their awareness of "the integrity of retailers and the strategy of clearly communicating the company."

The report pointed out that good business relationships can bring better business returns to businesses. Excellent business relationship needs zero for both parties Based on communication and understanding, the goal is to provide better products / services to consumers and achieve strategic synergy and win-win cooperation.