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New Warehouse How To Work Out The Solution For Your Stocking

Jan 27, 2018

This piece is a small appliance, because divided according to SKU, the characteristics of each piece is not the same, the other small may directly on a small shelf or something like that, out very fast , According to its flow to deal with my purchase here, get such a data.

This picture as a whole, this side is into, the right is out, so that we should make a balance between the input and output, how much the left into the right to how much, may be based on this cycle, the cycle May be a year's data problem, within a year into the left and right out of the same, the same amount, why the same, if not equal, often result in two results, one may not out of stock , Another may lead to incomplete goods into the warehouse can not accommodate put.

Here after the purchase came directly to the size of the platform, including traffic is what kind of, which is the control of the platform, the difference between each purchase amount to adjust the purchase amount of the temporary storage area, it depends The efficiency of plug-in car, there may be temporary storage of what, so the temporary storage area is much, but also according to the object to get the size of the block area, after the return area, including the stack of trays, including shelves, etc. And so on the size of this area, followed by a shipment, here is the sorting and matching area, as well as the size of the packaging area, through the efficiency of my homework can come to this piece to how much.

Finally, there will be a shipping temporary storage area, the shipping temporary storage area should have much, but also directly determines the size, and then there is a platform, the daily order quantity is how much, so directly decided, every day How many cars to send, and then decide how many platforms are shipped, which is the meaning of the entire flow balance sheet.

Through this balance sheet, we get a result after analyzing the definition of all the problems in the early stage. This result directly determines the future layout of the warehouse, including size and so on all the meaning of all things. So we call these things a master plan for warehouse design. But for the time being, many people often do not do this thing. Thus affecting the analysis results, but also directly affect the efficiency of regional size and other issues.