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Notes On Gravity Shelves

The total depth of the gravity shelf (the length of the rail) should not be too large, otherwise the upper and lower "dead ends" will be larger, affecting the use of space, and the ramp is too long, the controllability of the decline will be poor, Causing slippery slippery, blocking, pallets of goods tipping. In order to make the decline smooth, such as the ramp is longer, should be added in the middle of the damping device, in order to make the pallet cargo down to the bottom of the impact will not be due to excessive impact and tipping, should be at the lowest slope of the buffer device and Cargo separation device, so the design, manufacture, installation more difficult and costly. Gravity racks should not be too high, generally within 6 meters, the weight of a single cargo in general 1000KG or less, otherwise its reliability and operability will be reduced.