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One Of The Shelves Through The Gallery Shelves

Feb 15, 2018

One of the shelves through the gallery shelves

Corridor-style shelves have become through-shelf, drive-in shelves.

 Designed for storing large quantities of similar pallet goods. The pallets are stored one by one in the depth direction on the support rails, increasing the storage density and increasing the space utilization. This shelf is usually used for storage space expensive occasions, such as frozen warehouses. Corridor-style shelves have four basic components: frame, rail support, tray rails and diagonal rod and so on. This high shelf warehouse utilization, can be achieved first out, or after the out. Suitable for storing large quantities, less varieties of goods, batch jobs.

 Small space available to provide large storage capacity. Its suitable for large quantities, less variety of goods storage operations. Forklift can enter the goods directly to access the goods, operation is extremely convenient. Machinery and equipment needs: anti-balance type forklift or stacker high-speed machine features. Suitable for storage with lower stock flow rates; 20% -30% optional; for warehouses with lower pick-up rates. Ground usage: 60%, higher.

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