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Order Shelves Must Understand These Terminology

1.         Bearing capacity: The load-bearing capacity of the rack means per square or per layer can withstand the weight, rather than the overall load-bearing. Load is the prerequisite for the design of the shelf, without it, everything behind is out of the question. Bearing the weight is not the bigger the better, according to your realistic requirements to customize a reasonable shelf load.

2.         Length of shelf: It refers to the length of the shelf beam, which is mainly based on the size of the goods to be stored to determine the size and size of the division, the size is usually available parts of the shelf, the external size is added the width of the upper column on both sides.

3.         Height of shelf and floor number: Height of shelf refers to the height of the shelf column. It is mainly determined by the height of the plant, the weight of the goods, the convenience of access to the shelves. The number of shelves is mainly determined by the total height of the shelves and the total height of the cargo.

4.         The type of shelf: According to the column, beams and other accessories combined into a different structure of the shelf type, according to different needs, design different size, different layout program.