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Our Standard Medium - Sized Shelf Type Specifications

Longspan Shelf Features:

Medium shelf materials used:

 Our upright post is made of Wuhan Iron and Steel SS400 ,bottleneck cross-section marked size is 55 * 45 * 1.4mm, and cold rolling folded out of 14 angles, greatly increased column strength, using 8.8 and high-strength M6 * 45 locking bolt bolt (standard: GB / T1231, GB / T3632).

Beam for the Wuhan Iron and Steel SS400, step beam 1.3mm, using high-quality wire through the CO2 gas shielded welding.

Steel closely from each other, effectively prevent the impact of violent,at the same time,it can enlarge the capacity of the loading weight.It is used 140mm steel locker and 3 steel claws clasped the column,make the force better and more uniform.(standard GB/T5117、GB/T5118、GB/T8110)

Shelf surface treatment.

Epoxy resin electrostatic powder coating, curing temperature ≧ 180 ℃, before spraying the product after degreasing, rust, pickling, phosphating and other seven processes to strictly handle the steel surface in line with St2 requirements, coating thickness: 60-80 Micron, adhesion ≧ 2, surface hardness 2H pencil without scratches, salt spray corrosion more than 500H (standard: GB / T8923, GB / T1730, GB / T1732).

Shelf can be scheduled for: medium-sized shelves 50mm.

Safety factor medium-sized shelf 1.5 times. Column under the rated load deflection effect ratio of 1 / 1000e. The wrist effect Ratio of the beam under the rated load is 1 / 200e. Each beam is equipped with two safety keys to prevent the beam moving or loose.

Medium shelves storage racks with 100 * 80 mm feet, so that the column gravity dispersion, and with the expansion screw fixed to the ground.

Note: Please note that due to the material of the MDF itself, it will appear in the course of the application of moisture and other phenomena, please pay attention to the use of ventilation during the process. If you find the quality of the plywood objection, the demand side to be made before the installation, or as acceptable quality, tolerance -1.8MM thickness.