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Pay Attention To The Details Of The Warehouse

Jul 27, 2017

Pay attention to the details of the warehouse

Customers to provide warehouse address to us, we go to the customer site need to pay attention to a lot of details.

1.It is the plate for the floor,we need note it in our drawing.

2. We need to check that is it Whether there are obstacles or not,such as fire hydrant,light,the structure of the warehouse and so on.

3.The direction of the logical of the goods.

4.The direction of the door we need note on the drawing.

5.If there have storage shelf Note whether the wall is stressed.

6.What’s more we need to if the warehouse with special size with correct size is very important.

7.The cable box socket needs to be tagged on the sketch.

8.The size of height,height,Width,we need to well checked.Thanks.

This is very important for us to offer design the right sketch,then the engineer can help you do best solution.Thanks.