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Precautions For Purchasing Heavy Duty Mold Shelves

Feb 12, 2018

Purchase of heavy mold shelves are not the general situation of the warehouse users, warehouse managers are generally purchased through warehousing to buy all kinds of supplies needed, and a variety of shelf products, this time there will be errors, not necessarily in line with Warehouse now used, most of the procurement staff are not too aware of this shelf knowledge. So Xiaobian procurement staff for some procurement considerations:

First of all, we need to understand the advantages of heavy shelves, heavy shelves and more for the storage of large, tray into the product, you can save the upper space, load-bearing capacity, not easy to deformation, reliable connection, easy disassembly, diversification,

all the shelves are After pickling, phosphating, electrostatic spraying and other processes, corrosion, rust.