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Principles For The Use Of Storage Shelves

Three principles:

1. To high light and low weight, to follow the principle of light on the bottom of the storage shelves, that is, the bottom of the heavy objects, high-level light to prevent top-heavy, conducive to balance.

2.To gently handle, usually put the goods, we must pay attention to gently handle, one is to ensure stability and safety of shelves, the second is to ensure that the goods will not be damaged.

3. To moisture and rain, shelves columns and beams are metal products, and the surface has a paint, but the moisture by the sun, the time may be rusty for a long time, thus affecting the service life. Shelf boards are mostly wood, by the window position most vulnerable to rain, rain after the wood will be deformed tilt

Three do not principle

1. Do not be too high and heavy, storage shelves between the goods and laminates should be left to no less than 100MM of space. Different specifications of the shelves are based on load-bearing design. So the weight of the goods placed on the shelves must be within the weight of the shelf. Warehousekeeper is best on the shelf to do load bearing capacity.

2. Do not super wide and ultra-size, this is the card size, commonly used pallet specifications between 0.8 m -1.2 m. Such as heavy-duty beam shelf beam length is generally 2.5 meters, is put in accordance with the width of the design of the two pallets. If the pallets used are nonstandard, or if the size of the goods stored above is more than 1.2 m, the hard plug or hard pull on the shelves may hit the column.

3. Do not crash deformation, the most vulnerable parts of the storage shelves is the channel and the corner of the column, usually due to forklift collision caused deformation. Shelf suppliers provide matching bumper posts according to different shelves, channel width and delivery tools. In the channel position should be installed crash barrier. The installation of the anti-collision column plays a very important role in protecting the storage shelves.