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Problems In Calculating Warehousing Costs

Warehousing cost refers to the sum of money invested by warehouse enterprises in carrying out warehouse management activities. Warehousing cost is an important component of logistics cost and has a direct impact on it.

(1)Storage cost

The expenses for the maintenance and storage of goods, such as goods shelves, containers, expenses for real estate taxes on warehouse, etc..

(2)The wages of the warehouse manager

The salary of the warehouse manager usually includes fixed salary, bonus and all kinds of living allowance. Welfare includes housing fund, medical treatment and retirement expenditure.

(3) Depreciation and lease fee

(4) Warehousing enterprises, some of which own their warehouses and equipment to undertake warehousing business, and some lease warehouses and equipment to undertake business.The fixed assets of self operated warehouses need to be depreciated every year, and the lease assets should be paid annually. Storage or lease costs are an important fixed cost for warehousing enterprises.

(5) Handling charges

Handling charges refers to goods warehousing, stacking and other aspects of the library costs, including the cost of handling equipment operating and handling workers.

(6) Management expenses

Cost management refers to the storage enterprises or departments to carry out the warehousing business management for warehouse activities or indirect expenses incurred, including warehouse equipment insurance, office expenses, personnel training fees, travel expenses, conference fees, marketing fees, etc..

(7) Storage loss

Refers to the storage process, due to damage of the goods and storage companies need to pay the cost. The causes of the loss generally include the storage conditions of the warehouse, human factors management, physical and chemical properties of the goods, the mechanical damage in the process of handling,etc..

In practice, it should according to the specific circumstances and enterprise system standards, distinguish responsibility, then included in the cost reasonably.

Editor: LHZB Storage Shelves