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Regular Maintenance Of Heavy-Duty Shelves Can Extend Its Service Life

Heavy-duty shelves are important storage equipment used in many industries. The main materials used in production are metals, which are relatively good in quality and performance, and are relatively large in strength, capable of with greater gravity, and But also to ensure long-term use. Manufacturers with the help of the use of shelves, can save space, but also to ensure the quality of the product, but you want the shelf can be used for a long time, the same need for its maintenance.

Heavy-duty shelves use the material is metal, the benefits are very much, but there are some flaws, because the long-term storage of metal in the wet air will inevitably appear corrosion phenomenon. Warehouse in order to ensure privacy, so generally choose to hide relatively good production, while not long-term open, so the internal air humidity is relatively large, while long-term storage may also be a certain amount of dust, which will affect the heavy shelves the quality of.

When heavy-duty racks used in the storage, to regularly clean the surrounding environment, but also often use a dry cloth to wipe the surface, to avoid dust in the acid and alkali substances on its surface corrosion. Although the strength is relatively large, but can withstand the weight is limited, so in order to avoid the phenomenon of overweight, so before the need to store the weight of the product to be estimated.