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Save Warehouse Floor Design Storage Shelf

Jul 25, 2018

The purpose of using high-rise shelves in many warehouses is to reduce floor space and increase warehouse utilization. This also means that the width design of the warehouse's high-rise shelves is very important. The spacing is too big to waste the warehouse space. If the spacing is too small, it will cause problems in the flow of goods. So, what is the standard of the high-rise shelf spacing.

Different from civilian shelves and storage shelves, high-rise shelves, whether used in production enterprises or warehouses in logistics centers, generally carry a large amount of goods, realizing this three-dimensional, high-level storage, providing a basis for production and logistics. service. The spacing between the high-rise shelves is designed to ensure the safe use of the storage shelves, which is a key link in the production and circulation. According to the experience, there is no standard distance between the high-rise shelves, depending on the actual situation, including the items placed on the shelves, the equipment to be used, such as the forklift needs to be rotated, etc. to determine:

Catolog 01 (6).jpg

1. If the manual handling operation is performed, the distance between the storage spaces is greater than the width of the largest packaging box used on the storage location + 20 cm;

2. If the bottom of the storage space needs to be placed on the pallet, the upper layer is hand-carried, and the distance between the storage positions is “turnable diameter of manual forklift + pallet” +20cm;

3. If the location requires electric forklift handling, the distance between the storage positions is the rotatable diameter + U-turn insurance distance of "electric forklift + upper pallet";

4, generally if there is a forklift, it depends on the model of the forklift: if it is a domestic large forklift it would be about 4 meters; if it is a small forklift or only a hydraulic trailer, then 2.5 meters ~ 3 meters is enough.

The specific calculation formula is: shelf channel = forklift minimum turning radius + forklift front dangling (front wheel center to fork surface distance) + cargo length + safety distance (about 20CM).