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Standard Drawer Mold Holder Product Features

Specifications: L3100 * D600 * H2000mm (3 grid * 4 layer = 12 pumping board) infinite length

Load: 800-1000kg / per drawer plate, the overall load can reach 9.6-12t

Material: column with 10 # channel; tie rod for the 40 * 40 square pass; draw plate chassis with 50 * 50 angle iron; panel for the thickness of 2.5mm steel; chute with 4mm steel plate groove; bearing imported 6404

Pull out: drawer board can pull out 65%

Color: Green Green (default)

Note: The standard load-bearing mold frame length can not only do 3100mm, but generally made of three grid (L3100mm) for a group of mold rack, the actual use can be done any length, this process do not need more artificial, Process, just a simple column to do a good connection can be connected.

Standard Drawer Mold Holder Product Features:

Three grid four standard drawer mold frame; specifications; high H2000 * deep D615 * long L3100MM each cell length 888

1, each drawer board can bear 800-1000KG

2, crane (traffic) load-bearing 800-1000KG

3, the drawer plate can be pulled out 55%

4, safe and reliable additional insurance device

5, the use of lightweight combination of bearings, sliding balance with a separate hanging device

6, saving space, covers an area of 1.8 square meters, can store dozens of sets of small and medium molds

7, simple structure, assembled by a variety of components, easy to disassemble, transport and assembly

Standard drawer mold frame Technical parameters:

1. Column with 10 # channel, column slash for 25 * 25 square pass

2. Drawer plate bracket with 50 * 50 angle iron, drawer panel with 2MM steel plate

3. The chute is made of 4MM steel plate

4. The bearing is 6403 #

5. Spray paint

6. Color customization

Medium full open mold rack

1, each board bearing 1000-3000KG

2, drawer pulled out 95%

3, three grid four specifications; H2400 * W1100 * L3400MM

Heavy-duty drawer-type mold frame Each column carrying 2-3 tons per layer Specifications: Height H2100 * W1205 * L1100 Length unlimited

1. Heavy-duty drawer mold rack specifications can be customized according to customer requirements.

2. Heavy-duty drawer mold rack product features Ibid

3. Technical parameters: column with 10 # channel, column slash for 25 * 25 square pass

4. Drawer plate bracket with 40 * 80 flat pass, drawer panel with 2.5MM steel plate

5. The chute is made of 6MM steel plate

6. The bearing is 6404 #

7. Color customization