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Standard Light Mold Racks

1.The Mold Rack type:a.Standard light mold racks b.Sky hoist furniture mold racks c.Heavy-duty storage mold racks d.Full opened drawer mold shelf e.Skateboard type mold racks free sample f.Stretch type mold racks made in China.

2.It it can designed by customers requirements.

Three grid four layer standard drawer mold frame; 

specifications; Height H2000 * depth D615 * length L3100mm each cell length 888mm

Standard Drawer Mold Frame Technical Data

1. Column with 10 # channel, column slash for 25 * 25 square pass

2. Drawer plate bracket with 50 * 50 angle iron, drawer panel with 2MM steel plate

3. The chute is made of 4MM steel plate

4. The bearing is 6403 #

5. Spray paint

6. Color customization

Medium full open mold rack

1, each board bearing 1000-3000KG

2, drawer pulled out 95%

3, three grid four specifications; H2400 * W1100 * L3400MM

Heavy Duty Drawer Mold Rack

Each column carrying 2-3 tons per layer Specifications: Height H2100 * W1205 * L1100 length unlimited

1. Heavy-duty drawer mold rack specifications can be customized according to customer requirements.

2. Heavy-duty drawer mold rack product features Ibid

3. Technical parameters: column with 10 # channel, column slash for 25 * 25 square pass

4. Drawer plate bracket with 40 * 80 flat pass, drawer panel with 2.5MM steel plate

5. The chute is made of 6MM steel plate

6. The bearing is 6404 #

7. Color customization

1. Used to place all kinds of plastic molds, metal molds, die-casting molds, powder metallurgy molds, extrusion molds and so on.