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Standard Mold Racks

Mold frame introduction


Is a 100 model on the basis of the load-bearing double-column mold frame, mainly for the storage of heavy-duty mold.

old rack of each pumping plate set up safety positioning device, you can open 65%.The advantage is cost-effective, small footprint, single pumping board can load 1500-2000 kg.The disadvantage is that only pull the draw plate 65%, for the larger mold storage is slightly inconvenient.


why choose lianhezhongbang storage mold racks


1, the mold directly on the ground: this way the space utilization is low, each time taking the mold time and effort, mold is not easy to lean management;

2, the mold directly stored in the tray, and then into the ordinary beam shelf: the need for larger space channel, each time to take the mold to use forklifts, a greater security risk;

The use of Storage Wall® mold frame has the advantage of improving the utilization of space, facilitating the classification management of mold, more convenient mold access and more orderly management of mold shop.


Mold core technology

1, Concerned about employee safety: double column support structure, strong stability, the system strength, positioning device can prevent the mold pumping plate movement;

2, Save the space, storage capacity. this mold frame mold rack can open 65%, with the logo mark management, the operator access to the mold will be more convenient, more secure and more efficient;

3, More beautiful: the use of Swiss Golden Horse spray coating and DuPont environmental powder coating surface treatment, mold frame more refined and beautiful;

4, scalability: with a modular design, storage capacity and application functions need to increase the case of unlimited upgrades.


Mold frame technical parameters


Loading capacity:1500-2000kg/ drawer board.

Material: column with thick cold-rolled steel plate rolling; rod with 40 * 40 square; drawer plate reinforced with 40 * 80 flat; panel 2.5mm thick steel; chute with 6mm steel rolling; bearing Imported 6404 type;

Safety: double column structure, positioning safety lock;

Access: Drawer plate can be opened 65%;

Color: bright blue, machine green (special color can be customized).


The application of mold frame

The mold frame is widely used in all kinds of injection molds, stamping dies, metal molds, casting molds, extrusion dies, forming dies, mold standard parts, fixture and other heavy objects storage, so far in Guangzhou Automobile Toyota, Honda, Flextronics, Shipbuilding, China Shipbuilding Industry, Huawei and other large enterprises to install thousands of successful cases.

Mold holder installation Note:

1, The floor surface must have enough strength to maintain the shelf weight and floor pressure;

2, The floor surface must have sufficient thickness and load to fix the bolts;

3, The mold frame area must be kept smooth and install the security envelope.

Mold rack must be installed after the expansion of the expansion screw to protect the use of mold rack.