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Steel Prices Rising At August

2017 domestic steel prices will show the first high after the low trend, 3-4 months is expected to hit nearly three years high. Followed by the annual level of adjustment, the second half will show a downward trend in shocks. The reasons for the impact of the 2017 trend mainly by the following.

First, environmental protection and production capacity will continue to affect the market. The future of environmental protection will become more stringent, the impact on the market will continue, 16 years in the fourth quarter of the IF furnace to the production capacity of the factors at the beginning of the year will have a greater impact on the supply of rebar or small and medium-sized brands due to the withdrawal of tension Happening.

Second, infrastructure factors support steel prices. The current domestic construction is still a large number of approved infrastructure projects in recent months, increased sales of construction machinery also clearly indicates that the next period of infrastructure will continue to show incremental trend; another US President Trump also has to strengthen infrastructure measures, if the Sino-US infrastructure The formation of resonance on the industrial market in 2017 will form a greater support.

Third, the current global economy is still in recession, although under the currency stimulus asset prices rose sharply, but the same asset class bubble is also rapidly becoming larger, the risk is also accumulated. Strong stimulus with unsustainable, so do not rule out the second half of 17 years to return to the bottom of the road may be.

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