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Storage Cage Manufacturers Develop And Quotation Basis

Mar 16, 2017

1. from the production department, storage cage must be strict quality control of the production, many enterprises in the production process in order to save the interests from the province of raw material, cutting corners, in the production of this off if you do bad, do not receive better opportunities for growth, storage cage in the production process must be of good quality assurance.
2. from the service sector, one must have a strong support behind the development of the enterprise sector. Service is for our consumer services, consumer problems encountered in the process of buying and using, can reflect to us directly, we have to make detailed records and see what problems exist in time, believe that the quality of the storage cage manufacturers must have their own contract customers, or with several potential customers. Consumers now focuses not only on the quality of the product, depends on our service so the service departments to do their work and welcomed by customers, find a better outlet.
3. storage cage price based on material from dozens of different prices to hundreds of Yuan. Pricing will be based on the weight of wire diameter and mesh holes. Surface treatment surface treatment spray, hot-dip galvanizing, cold galvanizing, price is not the same.