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Storage Racking Shelf Exhibiton

Aug 28, 2018

Foshan Variety Attic Shelf Folding Cantilever Compartment Foshan Heavy-duty Variety Attic exports to 280 countries, only need to provide drawings, we can design cost-saving solutions for customers, space-saving shelf design. Cantilevered Attic This is a professionally developed loft-style cantilevered shelf that retains the advantages of cantilevered shelves while also combining the features of the attic platform.

The double platform and the outer inner beam form an attic platform, and the cantilever is installed on the column group to achieve the space of the two-layer cantilever shelf, and is suitable for storing long materials, ring materials, plates, pipes and irregular goods. In addition to reducing the cost, this design has a good fixed effect on the overall stability, effectively avoiding the upper layer from shaking during operation.

Shelf-style lofts are another type of attic shelf.

The loft attic also builds an attic platform in the original space, but unlike the attic platform, the loft platform is used instead of the pillars. The loft is composed of rows of baffle shelves, which can also be used for pendulum. Put the goods.