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Storage Racks Sales Conference - Mr. Li Promotion As General Manager For Sales

Jun 03, 2017

Storage Racks Sales Conference - Mr. Li promotion as general manager for sales

Today held a sales summary meeting forMay. Mr. Li Junying of Lianhe Zhongbang Shelf Co., Ltd. was promoted to from Vice president of sales to Sales general manager.He is very familiar with the company's products.

He started from a sales clerk, worked from the grassroots and a home factory for ten years.He was born in the mountains of Hubei Province, carries the dream of changing the fate´╝îwhen he was  20 years old , he left farewell to his hometown to Huizhou city in Ghuangdong province.

He know  the products very well such as China Shelving heavy duty pallet rack,Durable Shelving Pallet Rack,Mobile bar and pipe racks and so on.

Congratulations Mr.Li promotion as general sales manager.We believedthat our company will be getting better and better, to provide customers with better service.