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The 124th Canton Fair From 2018 From April 15th -19th

Apr 11, 2018

The first phase of the Autumn Fair of 2018 (April 15th -19th) Category: Large machinery and equipment, small machinery, bicycles, motorcycles, auto parts, chemical products, hardware, tools, vehicles (outdoors), construction machinery ( Outdoor), household appliances, consumer electronics, electrical and electronic products, computer and communication products, lighting products, construction and decoration materials, bathroom equipment, and import exhibition areas.

The second phase of the Autumn Fair of 2018 (April 23-27) Category: kitchen utensils, daily-use ceramics, craft ceramics, home decorations, glass crafts, furniture, woven and rattan iron crafts, garden products, iron and stone products (outdoor), household items, personal care products, bathroom accessories, clocks, watches, glasses, toys, gifts and giveaways, special products, festival supplies.

The third period of the Autumn Fair of 2018 (May 1st - May 5th) Category: men's and women's wear, children's wear, underwear, sportswear and casual wear, tanned leather down and products, clothing accessories and accessories, home textiles, textile raw materials and fabrics , carpets and tapestry, food, medicine and health products, medical equipment, consumables, dressings, sports and tourism and leisure products, office stationery, shoes and bags.

How to participate in the Canton Fair and learn how to do the exhibition plan is the first step as a foreign trade enterprises must compete for the Canton Fair every year to participate, how to do the exhibition plan is the exhibitors must master the knowledge, this article discusses how to participate in the Canton Fair and how to do the most Good Canton Fair exhibitors and other issues in order to achieve the best results. First, do a good job in the preparation of the Canton Fair.

1. Maintain or establish a corporate image. Exhibitors are both time-saving and labor-saving for companies to establish their image. For new companies, participation can help companies establish customer relationships in a short period of time, enter the market, and be accepted by the same industry. 2. Learn about competitors in advance. Exhibitors can easily understand the development of other companies, their product status, and even their technological secrets. If they do not understand competitors in advance, they can easily lose out in the exhibition process. 3. Preparation of promotional materials. Exhibitions and Canton Fairs are three-dimensional advertisements. In the publicity materials, the company name and product information are marked in both Chinese and English, which are in line with the image of exporting companies and provide enterprises with an opportunity to fully display their own products so that customers can promote their own products. The understanding of products and services, so companies should prepare enough exquisite corporate and product promotional materials before participating in the Canton Fair. If exhibitors are considering launching new products, visitors can be surveyed at the show to understand their requirements for price, functionality and quality. Exposure through the media can also be an advantage for exhibitors. Some important media reporters are invited to visit the booth. . Second, do a good job budget Some companies are often the first to consider the low booth fee of the exhibitors, but the booth fee includes pre-show propaganda, construction, information and other services, low booth fees will often be in the exhibitor effect greatly reduced. The items that need to be remembered when setting budgets are: booth space, construction demolition, special advertising gifts, transportation costs, audiovisual equipment, electricity expenses, telephone services, ancillary materials, personnel fees, advertisements, air tickets and hotel accommodation. After deciding on the cost, prepare a worksheet to analyze the economic situation: What is the return on investment? The return is equal to the total sales divided by the total expenditure of the exhibitors. What is the cost of each sales leader? This is equal to the total expenditure for the exhibition divided by the number of sales leaders. Exhibitors are very important to participate in the budget for the exhibition. If properly calculated and continuous, then the Canton Fair is a good investment for small businesses. Third, choose the ideal booth Generally in the crowd more concentrated near the entrance, both ends of the corner or rest area booth location is ideal. Fourth, sending invitations to invite purchasers In order to achieve the success of the show, some invitations should be issued. Promote your new service projects and new product news and share these new service items and new products with your customers or potential customers. Of course, you can use the Exhibitor-specific invitations provided by Canton Fair. One of the reasons why Canton Fair buyers decided to attend the Canton Fair was because they had received invitations from domestic exhibiting companies or their sales agents. Instead of sharing information with potential customers who are really interested, instead of sending a large number of invitations to those who would like to be interested in your new product or service. Some people suggested that 25% of the exhibition funds should be spent on invitation cards. A market analysis company conducted a number of surveys on trade fairs and believed that they should call the other party before the exhibition starts. For example: "This year's exhibition is unusual for our company. Please come to visit us.