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The 5th Day Of Chinese New Year Do You Know Chinese Peole How To Celebrate It

Feb 19, 2018

Study Chinese New Year. This is a very important festival in Chinese culture and extends to a two-week celebration. It is a conviction accompanied by the good fortune of the Chinese Lunar New Year. There are a lot of decorations around, indicating the new year. Chinese celebrators head to pray for good fortune during the New Year celebration. There, they burn incense sticks, can also have their own fortune-telling. If you are not of Chinese descent, but want to participate, to join the Chinese temple of the wealth stick can usually be found in the temple mouth tube. Ask a question, shake the tube, fall out of the figures can explain the fortune teller in one of the temples.


Clean your home in the New Year. This tradition is based on the belief that cleaning the house at this time of year sweeps bad luck and has accumulated over the past year. [2] Cleaning also prepares the house for good luck to begin again.

Put a dustpan and broom, so good luck will not be swept away.

Celebrations that are fresh and hygienic are also an important part of even making a new hairstyle.

Please note! Clean your home in the new year, such as sweeping the floor, wiping the windows. This is done to "get rid of" the good luck you've just received in the new year. During the next 13 to 15 days, you are assured of cleaning work. It may be a bit dirty than usual, but the tradition of observation is an important part.

Decorate your home. This is the most recommended color is red. Red is a color or symbol of good luck in Chinese culture. The number "8" also symbolizes the good fortune and wealth, the wealth of China, and the rhyming word of wealth.

Please note, do not over-decorate. Show some nicely brought brightness and colorful nature of life and fortune.

Pass flowers through the house, such as lotus flowers. Lotus symbolizes rebirth and a new growth point.

Put the orange bowl throughout the house. Citrus fruits with their leaves are also completely preserved in the happy new year. Odd numbers cause unpleasantness even if they keep their numbers. When providing officials, always provide them with.

A plate of candy along its 8 different types of candy. Traditional candy is made from lotus seeds, longan, peanuts, coconut, melon seeds, candied melon, etc.

Provide a sacrificial offering god. Although this god may have a funny name, it is like all gods and should be worshiped. This sacrifice may include food products such as fruit, for example. Well, you should use behavior and he will make a "good report when he goes to heaven." Many families have his big poster in their kitchen.

There is a traditional New Year's Eve dinner. This is the most important part of the holiday season. The foods eaten at this time of the year are related to the traditional significance of the Chinese Lunar New Year. Some Chinese choose not to eat meat the first day of Chinese New Year, the new year because each person's name of the animal. [5] There are no such restrictions for the rest of the day. The traditional dishes include fish, spring rolls, chicken, Fa Leige, Guo Lin (glutinous rice cakes), noodles and desserts. Dumplings New Year's food plays a special role, because of their shape, similar to the ancient gold ingot or silver ingot shape. [6] Some foods include: [7]

Nine, the traditional hard liquor, radish in China, white radish, meaning long life.

Red pepper means good luck.

Rice, to ensure harmony.

Cook my own Chinese food If what you want to do is not simply to order these delicious recipes for the Chinese New Year at a local Chinese restaurant:


Wok paste

Rice cake rice cake (glutinous rice cake)

Peanut butter noodles

Bean paste buns

Shrimp and bean curd.


Dressing occasions. If you have traditional Chinese clothing, this is a perfect time to wear it. Clothing in Chinatown can be purchased, silk clothing in China is very beautiful. In the meantime, do not want your clothes color is red. Happy, happy, good luck, wealth and good luck, the red dress will ensure that you are fully involved in the celebration of the spirit. Gold is a very elegant look that is combined with another suitable color.

Avoid wearing too much black during the celebration. Black symbolizes bad luck, or even death. This is a good fortune and life time!

Visit your loved ones and friends. This is the most important part of the New Year, a celebration of time connecting and sharing.

Give Angpau, a red envelope, you pass it on to your child. Often, red envelopes are full of money or treats. Red is to get rid of evil spirits. Often, these envelopes are married unmarried. For continued prosperity, it is a good idea (or lesson) to encourage kids to save money on the envelopes they give.

Visit the parade. The parade is full of excitement, including firecrackers, activities, and dragon dancers. Some disguise as dragon and lion dance, the dragon is respected China, rather than as a monster. In fact, it can be said that almost a dragon symbolizes China itself. The five-claw dragon used to wear the emperor on their own clothes, and they are also wearing yellow and others are forbidden to do so. Now you can wear yellow and dragon, because it not only royalties. Lions and dragons also scare bad souls as if they were firecrackers, and dragon and lion dance are an important part of Chinese New Year. They are beautifully decorated and worth seeing.

See information online or in the local newspaper about the local Chinese New Year parade in your area. Make sure to put your camera, wear enough clothes if it's cold outside.

The last day of the Lantern Festival. People carry lanterns designed for insects such as dragonflies or animals on the streets. Sweet cakes and other sweets eaten on this day, people put candles around their house to guide the soul home.

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