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The Advantages Of Modular Shelves

(1)              Process: Welding shelf is self-welding form, and modular shelves are generally produced by the professional shelf manufacturers, the process is naturally better. Such as the handling of raw materials, the appearance of the shelf and so on.

(2)              Use: Welding shelves often store lighter goods, and modular shelves can not only store light goods can also store heavy goods. Such as cross-beam pallet rack, the design of each shelf load capacity can reach 4000KG.

(3)              Disassembly: Welding shelf is not easy to dismantle, and modular shelf can be free and easy to disassemble, such as the expansion of the size of the enterprise or relocation, need to transfer shelves, you can reflect the advantages of modular shelves.

(4)              Transport: Modular shelves are not installed before the parts, to the factory assembly can be made.

(5)              In addition to the shelf quality, the combined rack has a beautiful appearance. When the customer visits the factory, it can reflect the size and strength of the company.

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